The simplicity of its shape makes the Bansuri one of the most versatile and lightweight instruments. Easy to carry, it can be played outdoors in natural environments.
His sound takes the audience back to a state of harmony and connection with nature.
The simple fact of the using of breathing as a source of sound reconnects who listen to the source of life and brings us closer to the origin of life, the breath. 
The flute is also being said to be one of the most connected instruments to the natural world.
From the most remote times humans, perhaps fascinated by birdsongs or the blowing of the wind through the reeds, tried to reproduce these sounds using rudimentary flutes made from reeds plants or bone fragments.
Even today, the flute is one of the most popular instruments in the world. Widespread in every culture in various shapes and materials, it can produce different tones typical of every tradition.
In India, the Vedas testified the existence of the Bansuri as one of the main instruments in the Vedic rituals along with the Veena, the Mrdang and the Shell. 
The special quality of bamboo, carefully selected by the able hands of the flute makers has led this instrument to a synthesis of perfection, making it one of the most loved instrument by passionate listeners of Indian music and helps to spread his popularity also to the Western audience.
The fingering technique performed with the Bansuri open holes allows a complete manipulation of the air column produced by the breath of the musician, allowing a range of colors and tonal decorations unique of the only Indian classical music. 
In the last century, this instrument became very famous in India and all over the world thanks to the skill of great music masters who have explored the expressive qualities of this instrument. Using their capabilities the musicians applied these exceptional qualities to different musical genres such as jazz, flamenco, New Age and World Music.
Nowadays the word Bansuri has a synonym and that is the name of Hariprasad Chaurasia.
Undisputed legend of Bansuri, Hariprasad Chaurasia has conquered the world with the sound of this divine instrument spreading its charm in many countries, attracting many musicians and listeners to the fascinating world of Indian music.
pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia